DESTIHL®  Brewery

Saint Dekkera Sours

reserve sour ale aged in oak barrels

ABV %, IBU's and Color SRM: Varies by Barrel

Our Saint Dekkera® Reserve Sour Ale series are naturally soured by spontaneous/wild secondary fermentation and aging in oak barrels with microflora wonderfully unique to our downstate Illinois terroir, where we embrace the individual, wild character of each barrel to produce beers with a wide array of acidity, sourness and unadulterated funkiness. When stored properly (55 degrees F), this beer can be cellared, but please enjoy before you perish.

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Main sub-styles coming soon:
  • Lambic
  • Canneberge (cranberry lambic)
  • Kriek (cherry lambic)
  • Framboise (raspberry lambic)
  • Fraise (sour strawberry)
  • Abricot (sour apricot)
  • Poire (sour pear)
  • Pomme (sour apple)
  • Pumpkin Flanders
  • Flanders Red
  • Sour Rouge (sour red)
  • Gose
  • Gertrude (sour imperial pilsner)
  • l'emissaire (sour pale ale)
  • l'envoye (sour double pale ale)
  • le diplomate (sour ambelgo double pale ale)
  • negociateur mangue (sour mango imperial pale ale)
  • deploiement imperiale (sour imperial pale ale)
  • excommunie un (sour singel)
  • excommunie deux (sour dubbel)
  • excommunie trois (sour tripel)
  • excommunie quatre (sour quadrupel)
  • Seraphine (sour wit)
  • Letta Belle (sour saison noir)
  • Frances (sour french saison)
  • Zure Dubbele Stout (sour double stout)
  • Zure Enkel Stout (sour stout)
  • Flanders Oud Bruin - Foudre aged
  • Lambic - Foudre aged
 Some awards so far in the series:

-Framboise (Gold Medal, World Beer Championships Award 2012-
94 points/Exceptional; Bronze Medal, FoBAB 2010-Wild Acidic Sour Beer, All About Beer's 186 Best Beers in the World)
-Flanders/Oud Bruin (Gold Medal, World Beer Championships Award 2012-
93 points/Exceptional; Silver Medal, FoBAB 2011-Wild Acidic Beer)
-Forsaken Barrel Lambic
-Sour Strawberry Ale (Silver Medal, World Beer Championships Award 2012-
89 points/Highly Recommended)
-Sour Apricot Ale (Bronze Medal, World Beer Championships Award 2012-
81 points/Recommended)
-Sour Barley Wine
-Sour Rye Wine
-Sour Brown Ale
-Sour Hawaii-Five Ale
(Silver Medal, World Beer Championships Award 2012-86 points/Highly Recommended)
-Sour Trappist Wheat
-Sour Belgian Double Pale Ale
(Silver Medal, FoBAB 2009 - Wild Beer Category)
-Sour Cerise Stout Imperiale